What makes Bitclear different?

Quite a few things actually. We mention a few of them here.

Geeks Not Bankers

We provide state-of-the-art crypto-banking technology without meddling in your financial affairs. Your funds are cleared and held by the institutions you know and trust. Our job is merely to help you connect the dots.

100% Cloud

We use Serverless Future-Proof Infrastructure.
Secure, high-performance, unparalleled uptime and constantly improving. Over 100 points-of-presence across 54 Availability Zones within 18 geographic regions planetwide.

Corporate Focus

We may be geeks but we serve a customer base consisting of corporations and financial entities such as Electronic Money Institutions (EMI`s), Payment Institutions, MSB’s, Banks and other financial service providers.

One Bitclear Use Case

The leading banking software provider EBANQ FINTECH was receiving frequent requests from its institutional customers to integrate the EBANQ online banking system with various crypto exchanges, in order to add crypto currency trading capabilities to the EBANQ administrator and end-user environments. Instead of building and maintaining various exchange integrations, EBANQ built a turn-key crypto trading module integrated with Bitclear’s API, thereby giving its customers the choice of various exchanges and wallet providers through one single integration channel.

Do you have your own web or mobile app?

We can help you add crypto trading features to your mobile and web based applications through our complete integration service.


We help you create mockups and to define workflows.


We help to incorporate the crypto trading features in your UI.


Our QA Team ensures that everything works as expected.


Your Launch Party!

Are you ready to connect the dots?

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Bitclear makes it easy to add crypto-currency functionality to your existing web and mobile applications without the need for any up-front investment. Join the blockchain revolution today!