Connecting the dots
We connect conventional banking services with the world
of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies.
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Developer Focused

Transfer seamlessly between major fiat and crypto currencies within your own apps using our API.

Explore today how you can add crypto banking features to your apps.

Global Reach

Our services are available to corporate customers and financial institutions on five continents.

Explore our truly borderless service offering.


We do not hold on to your tokens. Keep using your preferred wallets and exchanges.

Find out more about the security of your assets.

Crypto API Banking

Deposits and withdrawals through API integrations with leading exchanges worldwide.

Find out more about our API integrations.

Are you ready to connect the dots?

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Bitclear makes it easy to add crypto-currency functionality to your existing web and mobile applications without the need for any up-front investment. Join the blockchain revolution today!

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